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Get Your School Bus Repaired At BDM For Top Satisfaction

If you are someone who owns a school bus or even a large fleet of school buses that needs repairs, BDM Trucks is your one stop address for all your school bus related problems or issues. We specialize in repairing school buses in the shortest interval of time for the most reasonable prices. Once passed from our facility, your school bus will look and work like a new!

The following are some of the school bus repair services that BDM offers:

  • School bus replacement parts-If ever any of the parts of your school bus needs replacement, BDM can help you out. We replace almost all the bus parts and do our best to ensure that the problem is rooted out. We use top quality parts and repair school buses of many brands. If any of the bus part is getting old or has become damaged due to over use or collision, you can contact us and get relieved.
  • School bus painting services-Has the paint of your school bus chipping off? Does the school bus need new shine or paint? Well, you have come to the right destination. BDM uses three different types of paint mixing machines that are computer based and offer top quality shine of paint. The fact that we use additives that prevent external matter from sticking to it has won us many clients and produced great painting results.
  • School bus collision repair-If your school bus has been part of a collision or accident, BDM can perform collision repair on your bus. Our collision repair services are top notch because we work with experienced collision and repair technicians who work to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
  • School bus body repair-It is natural for any school bus to need repair on a regular basis. No matter what repair service you need, we are here to help you with you for a quality solution.
Contact BDM if you own a fleet of school buses which need any external help or repair.