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Avail Superb Quality Monster Fiberglass Truck Body Parts at BDM Trucks

Fiberglass is a fiber reinforced polymer that is made of plastic which is reinforced by glass fibers and is an extremely strong lightweight material which finds use in monster truck bodies. Its bulk strength and its weight are ideal for trucks and it offers an excellent quality and sleek look to these vehicles. When it comes to replacement or reinstallation of truck parts, fiberglass is often the popular choice for most truck or trailer owners. The weather resistant properties of fiberglass makes it more of a suitable choice for automobiles. Fiberglass can also be textured.

No matter which vehicle you own, be it a dump truck, semi truck, box truck or a tractor trailer rig, BDM Trucks can help you out with installation or replacement of fiberglass monster truck bodies. We offer a free estimation of cost of every service including fiberglass related services so that you can decide whether you wish to follow through. Not only installation, we also repair your fiberglass truck body parts that will make them look as good as new. Our experienced and qualified repair technicians do their best to provide the most fitting solution to any fiberglass body part issue in your truck.

BDM works only with large fleet type vehicles and our facility can accommodate 10 trucks at a time. Apart from offering fiberglass repair services, we also offer several other services for trucks and trailers including painting, repair, fabrication, and body part maintenance and replacement of truck body parts. Our staff members also offer the option to pick up and drop off vehicles. Contact BDM for all your truck related issues and all fiberglass repair related tasks.

Contact BDM if you need fiberglass parts for your vehicle.