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Get Your Truck Custom Painted With Our Top Painting Service

A vehicle's painting is one of the most important parts of a vehicle, be it a small car or a large sized truck. When the paint on a truck or a trailer starts chipping off it can make a new automobile look old and rusty. Worry not! BDM has top notch large fleet vehicle paint repair services which are done with utmost care, precision and dedication by our trained paint technicians. No matter what the nature of your painting requirement is, we have a solution for your vehicle. Our large facility can house multiple trucks and trailers at the same time and we welcome all vehicles for paint repair, no matter how occupied we are.

BDM body painting consists of three paint mixing machines working on the most modern technology. We have two Sherwin Williams machines for most of the vehicles and one Sikens Machine for Pierce Fire equipment. All these machines run on computer based technology to mix the paint and eliminate any kind of color matching issues that may arise. So whether you own a Box truck, a semi-truck, a fire engine, a dump truck or a trailer, BDM can make it look as good as new with a paint that shines and resists spray paints, cement, and tar. We also provide customized painting and body repair services as well. We can incorporate whichever color or quality of paint you want on your automobile and offer you with a list of colors to choose from as well.

Our especially designed auto body painting shop and paint booth is long enough to allow us to paint almost anything. Whatever your painting requirement is, you can contact us anytime and get a free estimation of cost for painting your vehicle.

Contact BDM if you need a custom paint services.