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BDM Truck Collision Repair

Welcome to the BDM Truck Collision Repair website.  We are a full service body and paint repair facility for large vehicles like buses, tractor trailer rigs, fire engines or box trucks.  We do quality body work and paint which is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle while you own it.  Also most things are painted with the highest quality Sherwin Williams paint to ensure years of shine and this paint is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.  We even have additives that won't allow tar, cement, or spray paint to stick to the paint surface, if you choose to add this.  

specialsquare.jpgThe one thing BDM Truck Collision Repair tries to sell is the short turnaround time it takes to complete a project.  BDM understands that when these larger rigs are not working, it can cost your company thousands per day in lost revenue.  When things get drawn out in time, it is almost always a part problem especially with most types of buses, body parts can be very frustrating to receive in a timely manner.  The optimum plan is to arrange for the materials and parts to be at the shop prior to the vehicle arriving for repairs. This isn't always possible as some accidents keep the vehicle from being used at all.  To save time, once the vehicle is towed in, the vehicle will be carefully taken apart to get an idea how to proceed with the estimate and or order the parts immediately depending on the situation or insurance requirements. 

BDM Truck Collision Repair only works on large fleet type vehicles. The front door to the shop is 16' high and 26' wide and there are 11 school bus size vehicles in the building at once while completing the work.  There is a cross draft paint booth that is 44' x 17' to accommodate the largest of vehicles.  BDM offers excellent fiberglass repair, rust restoration, sheet metal fabrication when making body panels, they are made from galvanized material.  BDM repairs and fabricates on the stainless steel buses like MCI buses.   There are three paint mixing machines, a Sikens machine for Pierce fire equipment and two Sherwin Williams machine for most other vehicles.  Both have computer systems to help mixing paint and eliminating color matching problems.  The building is quite large, 12,000 square feet, and all electronic equipment vehicles are parked inside, like fire trucks.  In the winter the fire trucks cannot be left outside due to water freezing the very expensive pumps.  These trucks usually do not have a key or way to lock the vehicle. The staff will pick up and deliver a vehicle; however the preference is to do so in the early afternoon to avoid traffic to allow for maximum time usage.

The BDM Truck Collision Repair staff consists of two office personnel and three highly qualified body and paint techs.  The office personnel consist of Bryan Dobyns, the business owner, CDL driver and bookkeeper.  Ryan Harper is the production manager and estimator.  Larry, Dennis and Son are the highly qualified technicions who have over 75 years experience.

Please call us for an estimate or bring your vehicle by for us estimate.